About Us

DailyNewsPix is the online photo archive of New York's Daily News. It consists of current color photographs as well as historic images edited from more than three million prints and negatives in the Daily News library. The collection includes staff material dating back to the paper's founding in 1919, and other material dating back to 1880. Everyone is welcome to search the archive and view photos free of charge. Images may be purchased for professional licensing and as personal prints.

Licensing Photos for Editorial and Commercial Use

The Daily News has partnered with Getty Images to represent the Daily News Archive for editorial and commercial licensing. For access to our stunning archive of more than 100,000 unique images, click here

Buying Prints for Personal Use

Photos, front/back pages and inside pages can be purchased as prints for personal use.


The era of the tabloid newspaper, distinguished by the prominent role played by photographs, began in 1919 with the founding of the New York Daily News. The News picture collection represents an important piece of modern photojournalistic history, documenting the birth of tabloid photography with its reliance on dynamic images meant to grab the attention and imagination of busy city readers.

The Daily News photo archive is the best visual history of 20th century New York in existence. Everything from entertainment to politics, disasters to celebrations, criminals to heroes has been photographed by News photographers.

The archive is updated daily with the latest photos from the News' extensive coverage of events in the city and around the world. If it's happening in New York, it's covered by the News.

These images are available for full text searching and immediate viewing.